AI and robotics adoption in food service

Rising wages and a need to keep prices low have given several fast food companies a strong incentive to develop technologies to increase efficiency and reduce labour costs.

No fast food company has so aggressively and broadly embraced tech as Domino’s. In addition to app order and payment systems across every platform, Domino’s has invested in an artificially intelligent virtual assistant that customers can talk or text this makes ordering a fast and even fun experience.

Domino’s is also using integrated GPS technology for their drivers, which lets customers track their pizza deliveries in real time down to the second, This data also improves efficiency and safety.

Another concept which dominoes plans to roll out by the end of the year is to have wheeled robots deliver pizza to customers, much like what is already being used by the likes of just eat however these will only be used for short 1 mile journeys.

McDonalds is a company which has lagged behind somewhat when it comes to their competitors. The company is planning to make a large scale push for self-ordering kiosks and mobile app ordering/payment. Self-ordering kiosks can already be seen around the UK and again this is making for shortened queues and more efficient ordering.

They have also recently started to change to digital menu screens which don’t just look better they allow for greater flexibility as the menus are capable of checking the weather and automatically highlighting items that do better on hot days or comfort foods when it is cold and rainy.­

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