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Aperitivo – The new summer beverage

The Italian aperitivo is about to hit the UK drinks scene by storm over the summer which sees a rise in brewery’s taking on the challenge to bring this Italian tradition to become part of the UK’s drink scene.

The Global Gruppo Campari and Aperol are top of the list when it comes to knowing about our aperitivos but with a huge gap still in the market in the UK for such beverages, Peroni has jumped in to create the latest drink. Peroni Ambra takes on a mix of bitter-sweet flavours and floral notes re-creating the rare and authentic taste of an Italian tradition. With crisp and refreshing tastes from the well-known Peroni Nastro Azzurro and topped with the sharpness of Chinotto (a rare citrus fruit harvested in the region of Liguria, North West Italy), this drink is a perfect way to start your evening. This limited edition beer will be available exclusively over the summer months.

‘Gallo, who worked on the launch of the 6% ABV beer, flavoured with the rare Italian citrus fruit chinotto, said the aperitivo occasion hadn’t grown to even half of its potential in the UK on-trade’ – Nicholas Robinson – The Morning Advertiser

The after-work, pre-dinner beverage has long been a tradition in Italy. A drink usually drank before a meal with the intention of stimulating the appetite is a course the Italians are quite familiar with. We are all familiar with the antipasto and the ever French amuse bouche meaning this popular Italian beverage could easily blend itself into becoming part of our dinner culture beyond the big cities of the UK.

So next time you’re out for a meal – start the Italian way!

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