Boho Pizza- It’s all about the atmosphere

A restaurant which serves burgers and pizzas sounds pretty standard, one that you will find thousands of all over London, but set in the heart of Covent Garden, Boho Pizza was never going to be boring.

We stumbled across the restaurant when exploring the garden market and couldn’t help but go in. The restaurant had a fun vibe, with rustic furniture and lots of plants and succulents. Boho pizza had thought of everything. Each of the tables had an overhead heater and heated seats to make sure guests were comfortable when it gets a bit colder. The staff were friendly and welcoming, and the décor perfectly complimented the food. You could even see your pizzas being crafted and fired in the ovens using fresh, local ingredients.

Seated in view of the Apple market and street performers- we couldn’t complain! Choosing a couple of drinks, we sat back to enjoy the surroundings. It felt like we were on holiday especially with the sun shining. Even with the London bustle around, you feel relaxed when dining there.

The menu was simple but well thought out, with loads of different flavours and combinations to try. We ordered chicken wings as a starter, which came with garlic and homemade chilli sauce. The sauce was great, it was full of flavour and was really enjoyable. We both decided to order burgers for the main which came with a side of fries, served on a plate with brown paper, although tasty this is a pretty standard meal which you can get in thousands of restaurants. Yet we both said we would definitely go back and definitely tell friends to visit, all because of the experience.

Boho Pizza is just proof that atmosphere and experience sells, the cool and relaxed setting of the restaurant caught our attention. The fun, modern décor, the friendly waiters and great location drew us in, and the menu made us stay. Although food should always be the star of the show, ultimately it is the atmosphere that gets your attention and keeps you returning.

We would definitely recommend popping in if you fancy a simple but delicious meal right in the centre of activity. I have also heard their breakfasts and coffee are great!

Image source: Covent Garden London and Boho Pizza