Boozy Brunch

Bad Egg is a London venue serving up a distinctive bottomless brunch, located in Moorgate the hip eatery & bar offers some really interesting dishes which you just have to try!

The menu (with alcohol including Bloody Marys, Mimosa and Prosecco) is priced at £35.00 and the non-alcoholic version including unlimited juices is priced at £23.50.

The food is not the normal breakfast cuisine; instead it is indulgent and delicious. There is everything from Macanchini (macaroni cheese balls) to French toast and tacos. The deal includes any 3 small plates, mixing it up however you like.

Other features include; the baked beans, slow-cooked pork, kimchi & sourdough, the sticky Korean fried rib tips served with lime mayo and the Nduja cheese fondue, skinny fries & fried egg.

Bad Egg London

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Bad Egg London
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