Bottomless Brunch

If you have eaten out in London recently, you couldn’t have missed all the Bottomless Brunches that are popping up everywhere. It seems that every eatery that is hoping to attract the early clientele is taking advantage of this swanky promotion.

Last weekend I ate the Colonel Fawcett, a short walk from Camden Road Station to see what they had to offer. Their Bottomless Brunch cost £25, which is far more than I would usually spend on a lunchtime meal. However, it not only included a choice of anything from their breakfast/brunch menu but as many Bloody Marys & Mimosas one could drink in a 2 hour time slot.

Bottomless Brunches growth and increased popularity is not surprising as it offers something fairly unique to both restaurants owners and customers alike. Restaurateurs have an opportunity to charge between £20 & £60 for a lunchtime meal and as long as the service is good, the customers should leave feeling like they have got their moneys worth.

Some restaurants, such as the New Street Grill in Moorgate are taking it one step further and simply offering bottomless Prosecco as a stand alone offer which can be taken alongside a meal or by itself; a kind of new wave happy hour. With the potential rise in footfall and profits from the commercial side and the potential value for money for the customers, I expect to continue to see this format of promotion grow until it is on every high-street.