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Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you need to give up all the summer treats you have been enjoying over the last few months! A coffee company in South Africa has created a new trend that will keep you dreaming about summer whilst accepting winter has arrived!

#coffeeinacone – As daft as it sounds this concept has really taken off and people from all over are travelling to ‘The Grind Coffee Company’ to try it for themselves. In their own words “why wouldn’t you want to combine three of the best things in life (coffee, ice cream cones and chocolate?)”

With the ever growing popularity of social media this is a perfect #foodporn treat! Not only does it look visually pleasing, but it is also a very different hybrid coffee and ice cream offer compared to anything else around! (Realistically it’s as useful as a chocolate tea pot (as cones go soggy) but if your quick the perfect #instafood post!) It seems as though the #Foodporn worthiness is higher then the practicality of the product- but that’s what makes this innovation so successful!

Watch out for this one- it wont be long until ice cream shops all over London jump onto the bandwagon and start serving up their very own espresso in a cone!

Information & images from popsugar.com/latest/Food-Trends/
Image taken from The time-bomb coffee in a cone Expresso Show / YouTube