Detox Dining

So it’s that time of year again, we’re all polishing off those last tins of biscuits and chocolate boxes to start the diets and detoxes. For a lot of us there’s something very underwhelming about the aspect of no more treats and cheats and the thought of stocking up your trolley with bags of spinach and kale sends us into meltdown.

You may also be thinking about leaving those nights eating out as a distant memory. The truth is, you just need to look in the right places. Here are our top picks for eating out in style and to kick those January blues:

Casita Andina:


Dishes inspired by the Peruvian Andes, Casita Andina uses nutritious native ingredients paired with local British produce to create servings of convenient and quick dishes that bring the ‘wow factor’ through flavours and senses. As Martin Morales’ grandmother used to say: Aquí se cocina con cariño (Here we cook with love).

Here you can also book master classes where their executive Michelin-star Chef Vitelio Reyes will guide you through ingredients including; quinoa, chia, maca and lúcuma, with plenty of samples to try whilst exploring the origins of these amazing flavours and dishes!

Ahi Poké:



This Hawaiian cuisine is on the rise of becoming a big trend here in the UK. Known for its sushi/ceviche hybrid concoction you can see why this is becoming popular. It’s the new way to eat sushi! With its vibrant flavours and crisp fresh ingredients, you’ll find a great meal here that will satisfy those taste buds and not break the bank.



The Artisan Raw Foods restaurant based in Notting Hill is top for making food that is not only a beauty to look at but also to indulge in. They state: “Raw food is one of the healthiest food options available. It’s food as close to nature intended as possible. It’s 100% meat & dairy free and we are gluten free friendly. It’s also vegan, organic, and unprocessed.” Who knew food could taste this good when it’s free of all those desires.



Bringing simple food to the streets of London. Hally’s is a Californian-inspired hangout in Parsons Green that’s all about innovative, fresh food, expertly-made coffee & a relaxed vibe. The beautiful interior feels friendly and idyllic to get that homemade fresh meal you’re looking for. The refined menu offers an array of dishes including breakfast classics such as Eggs Benedict and serving Risottos and Burgers at lunch. With the smells of fresh breads and rustic tables to sit at, this place shouldn’t be missed next time you’re looking for a healthy lunch out.

Here is a list of other healthy eateries you should try next time you’re thinking about going out:

Honey & Co. –
Grain Store –
Snaps & Rye –
Granger & Co. –
Savage Salads –
Nopi –
Wild Food Café –
The Good Life Eatery –
The Detox Kitchen –

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