Diet Coke is getting fruity…..

Coke has seen a drop in sales over recent decades due to millennials taste buds driving sales in energy drinks and flavoured waters. Diet Coke, the second largest brand under the Coca Cola organisation has seen 0.6% decrease in sales over the past year. Coca Cola saw the rebrand of Coke Zero drive sales with ‘double digit growth’ and have decided to follow suit with their Diet Coke brand.

Rafael Acevedo, Coca Cola’s North America Group Director says “We’re contemporising the Diet Coke brand and portfolio with sleek packaging and new flavours that are appealing to new audiences” The brand overhaul has started by launching in the US, with future launches planned in Canada and UK over the coming months, The revamp includes a sleek new can shape, four fruity new flavours (Lime, Mango, Cherry & Orange) and most importantly a new marketing campaign to push sales. The new can design combines a simplified slimmer shape with a bold coloured stripe indicating which flavour each drink is.

Coca Cola spoke to 10000 Americans and developed 30 flavours before narrowing it down to the 4 new ones they have launched. There are high hopes the rebrand will do the same for Diet Coke, that their recent rebrand for Coke Zero did….I guess only time will tell…!


Image source:
diet coke
Daily Mail