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DIY Dining with Ikea

Ikea is most familiar to us for their flat pack furniture and Swedish meatballs. Thinking outside the norm of their flat pack boxes comes a new invention, from 10th-25th September Ikea is launching a DIY pop-up restaurant, also known as their ‘Dining Club.’

When meeting with friends, we love nothing more than making our lives easy, book a table in our favourite restaurant and to sit back and relax. There’s no host slaving over a stove, cooking all day and lets not forget the cleaning! Ikea wants you to think a little differently…

So what’s it all about? Well, Ikea wants to change our perception of hosting a dinner party. Why not make cooking the main event. Get everyone stuck in creating the perfect dinner party and celebrate ‘the joy of cooking’.

The event (held in Shoreditch) will give you and your friends the opportunity to throw the ultimate dining experience with the help from expert chefs completely free of charge! So why not get your friends together, choose from an array of menus and get that date in the diary, eating out never seemed so fun!

It doesn’t stop there, if you’re not available for Ikea’s dining club workshops; they will also be holding other master class workshops to enhance your skills in the kitchen. In addition to this they will have a unique shop specialising in their homewares range for anyone who wishes to pop there and see briefly what the events all about.

Find out more at: ikea.com/the-dining-club

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