Food Ordering App Design

Don’t move! Your seat is just fine…

I’m a big fan of Gourmet Burger Kitchen. What’s not the love? It has the most amazing toppings for a burger you could ever think of, not forgetting all the monkey nuts you can eat whist you wait! I enjoy it so much I have kept going back ever since, so I have really seen a change in the way that they’re trying to mix things up.

Introducing the GBK app! Like most apps you have your own personal login and you go from there. See the menus, where your closest restaurant is but most of all FREE FOOD! Each time you visit you provide your customer number and it registers your visit. What I love about it is you don’t have to go too many times to be rewarded. There’s nothing worse than going a few times and realising you still have another 7 stamps to go.

There are also challenges you can take on. “Go to 3 different GBK’s and enjoy a kiwiburger on the house!” It’s a great app. It feels personal and the best thing is it’s very user friendly.

So this year I had another look into my app and came across the most bizarre thing. I’m sitting in the restaurant looking at what I would like to eat and I see something that says “order and pay from your table”? I personally couldn’t imagine going for a meal out and actually not speak to anyone until my food was delivered to the table. This is only available in their busy London chains at the moment but does that make it right?

I suppose the question that needs to be asked is ‘is innovation slowly creeping in and taking away from the things that makes going out for a meal special?’ One things for sure, I hope I don’t start speaking to robots anytime soon to order my gourmet burger!