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Droning On

The world is moving ever faster and to keep up companies are forever striving to make things simpler, quicker and easier for us. In the news recently was Amazon testing out it’s well publicised ‘Drone Delivery’ service after winning approval from the Government and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to test their drones without several of the rules that bind drone pilots. As well as this, the Federal Aviation Administration just gave Google parent company Alphabet the greenlight to test its delivery drones in designated areas in America. This is part of a broader government effort to support the drone industry.

With this development in deliveries the natural progression is to use it to deliver fast food. Whilst it may be a little way off yet in the UK, the well known American Convenience Store 7-11 recently delivered a coffee, donut, candy bar, chicken sandwich and a slushie to a customer’s house a mile away.

Drone Delivering Package

Ready for this to literally ‘take-off’ in the UK we’ve been testing out the practicalities in the studio with our Cadbury MiniRoll Delivery with great success, so when this goes mainstream remember where you saw it first! See the video

Drone Delivery System

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