Edible cocktails

Ever wondered what it’s like to eat a cocktail?
Well ‘Smith & Sinclair’ have now made it possible! Shaken not stirred? Here’s a box of goodies you’ll want to open!

They have launched 8 perfectly designed cocktail flavours – ranging from old classics to new popular favourites. The box of 16 sweets contains a whopping 7% alcohol volume. Certainly a new way to get the party started! Every flavour has 2 sweets each.. great if you fancy sharing!

The ever popular spirit gin is certainly a huge hit in this collection of sweets. A gin & tonic flavour with a hint of elderflower – personally my favourite! Each cocktail is individually wrapped and contains one pastel. They recommend you eat it in 2 bites and lightly chew to allow it to dissolve in your mouth.

As this is an interesting new product I decided to get a box for the office to try – almost having a cheeky tipple! (But I wouldn’t be encouraging that)

So what did we think?
Overall it got great reviews and I would recommend trying this! But don’t take my word for it…

“Very nicely presented box, more reminiscent of jewelry or some new tech, nice packaging with contemporary lettering, on opening the sweet the smell was very pleasant and looked quite appetising. Taste was good not too sweet with a definitive alcohol under tone – thumbs up from me :)”

“Lovely, delicate and sugary with a slight alcohol warming sensation”

“Slightly dominant gin flavour, Elderflower more subtle but a good overall flavour that works well together.
Never had anything like it before; nice size, texture and sweet/bitter balance. Great for grownups.”

“Very sweet, does give a kick of Gin and Tonic, tastes like Parma Violets. Love the packaging, feels good quality. Would say it’s worth the money as they are high in content of alcohol. :)”

“I could eat the whole box, YUM!”

“The box looks fancy, it would make a great dinner party gift! It even tells you to eat responsibly – how funny”

So! If you’re looking for something quite fun and trendy to entertain your friends or maybe you’re bored of buying the same old spirits, give this a go! You’re sure to put a smile on their faces!

Image source:

Smith & Sinclair