Festival Food 2

2 festival food stalls from the weekend that you’ll want to try…

Harley Dogs:

WHAT: Meat barbecue out the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle and BBQ trailer.

MENU: Barbecued beef, parrihla pig, pork sausages, and burgers with various saucy and crunchy toppings; crispy potato, coriander pesto and more, in a brioche bun.

MUST TRY: Chicken hearts on a skewer!

Pie Central:

WHAT: Handmade gourmet crunchy, chewy-case pies using locally sourced free range meat. Serving from a converted ex-salvation army van.

MENU: Chicken & leek, Steak & Ale, Butternut Squash, Chilli Cheese, Stilton & Mushroom with pea, mash, gravy and crispy shallots.

MUST TRY: Cheeseburger pie and the crispy shallots!