Festival Food

With Festival season in full swing and the question of Wellies or flip flops? Morph suit or Mankini? There’s one thing for sure, the food offer has evolved a long way from the greasy burger van. Festivals these days are great places to find fantastic street food stalls and with the increase in festivals comes a larger selling platform for these artisan vendors. Be it burgers or burritos, curry or cake, you will find a range of traditional favourites or exotic new foods to try. Here are a few traders appearing at festivals that have caught my eye

Anna-Maes Mac N Cheese
Serving Mac N Cheese from their 1986 GMC Vandura – their innovate flavours have got people talking, the ‘Annie Mac’ or the ‘Kanye Western’ these guys can be found at festivals around the UK or popping up at Street Food Events around London
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Instagram @mac_not_crack

Image source: Anna-Maes

The Coffee Camper
Serving coffee and cake to those in need from their Citroen Panel Van, ethically sourced coffee and tea served with locally sourced milk. This Pembrokeshire based company believe the little treats that break up the day are key to a happy life
The Coffee Camper
Twitter @thecoffeecamper

Image source: The Coffee Camper

The Duck Truck
You don’t like duck? Then you’re out of luck! From Duck wraps to duck scotch eggs this fantastic find will leave you wanting more, but never fear with festival season coming to an end, and a need for duck fat chips or a pulled duck brioche bun you can find them at Spitalfields Market or Box Park
The Duck Truck
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Image source: The Duck Truck

The Fabulous Fish Finger Company
My favourite – ok I love a fish finger sandwich, but with a menu featuring ‘The Moby Dick’ who wouldn’t want to try a foot long fish finger sandwich!! Dry-Docked at Camden market year round and appearing at festivals these guys really rock a firm favourite.
The Fabulous Fish Finger Company

Image source:Truck Stop Today