Five Food Packaging Design Predictions for 2017

1. Colour
Colour speaks to the consumer in a big way, effecting mood and emotions that can influence purchasing choices. One of our catchphrases in the studio is ‘pump up the pantone’ and with more and more designers going wild with colour we expect to see the brightness levels turned up on packaging this year.

via Alice Pesenti

2. Clear & Simple
Food packaging can be a minefield of information for shoppers to take in. Nutritional information, ingredients and messages telling us how many of our 5-a-day we’ve consumed are just a few of the things that can take up valuable real estate on a pack. This year could see more refined food packaging that sticks to the essential information and communicates in a simple and more effective way.

3. Creative Die-cuts
Most of the time food packaging tends to hide its contents but it is becoming more and more common to see interesting and creative die-cuts used to put the product on show.


4. Illustrations
Illustration can create a poetic narrative that transport the consumers in to a fantasy world that inspires purchasing decisions. With companies like innocent and Kallo thriving on this creative technique we could see a lot more illustration used on food packaging in 2017.


5. Vintage
2016 saw vintage design used not just on food packaging but across the design industry and we don’t expect to see a slow down in popularity for this in 2017.

via Emily Myers