Food Trends X Design Trends

Vegan Revolution
Only 1% of the UK population are vegan, but it’s got the media spins and curious consumers are trying it for the purported health benefits.

Responsive Logos
Brands have to engage across more platforms than ever before – so brand logos are adapting to work harder.

Back to British
With Brexit on the horizon we’ll be seeing a British come-back. Wetherspoons have already swapped spirits such as Jagermeister for tastier and cheaper British alternatives.

Print isn’t dead, but animation is certainly alive and kicking – and it’s essential for engaging online and social media!


Low & No Alcohol Beverages
Millennials aren’t drinking alcohol – but this massive new market are still thirsty for great experiences.

Colour Gradients
Brave colour combinations featured in dynamic gradients.


Less Waste
Food waste is massive, reducing it and keeping food prices down require some clever consumer education.

Big Fonts
Big fun fonts talk in buckets.


Naked Packaging
Supermarkets face criticism for over-packaging. The waste-concious consumer must be appeased.

Unorthodox combinations of bold colour.

If you can can cook it, someone can deliver it. With Deliveroo reporting success – the next big question for food brands is “will it travel?”

Retro / Nostalgia
People love a bit of nostalgia – it also evokes heritage and trustworthiness.


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