Foodie Business Cards

Don’t you just love a business card?! Anything that looks different and special will just speak a thousand words and start your business on a trail of chain reactions. You want to be remembered? Have something to be remembered about!

03-blog-cards image-900x604 01a 03-blog-cards image-900x604 01b

I’m always on Pinterest looking for inspiration and I came across some foodie business cards! They are just brilliant. I would personally love to own a mini cheese grater! I certainly will never forget their business card. You may look at the biscuit business card and think, ‘once it’s eaten it’s gone’ but I guarantee you wouldn’t forget them anytime soon! How about growing your own herbs from a business card? People love to get something in return whether that be an object or an experience.

03-blog-cards image-900x604 03

They don’t always have to be a gimmick. The simplicity of salt has a beauty about it for sure. The small die cut holes to represent salt and all designed on a brilliant white card stock.

03-blog-cards image-900x604 05

There’s something quite likeable about the ketchup gimmick, of course I’m not telling you to copy your name onto a well known label but that rich red just shouts ketchup! With the right words you’re sure to grab peoples attention! What could you do to make your business cards more memorable?