From One Single Market to a Global One

With Brexit negotiations still rumbling on, the F&B industry might be wondering what this means to their companies, their shareholders and their customers. Whilst some will simply see the economic strain from purchasing ingredients from our EU neighbours outside an expiring trade deal with imported produce costs likely to soar, others might see the light at the end of the tunnel.

UK food importers are starting to see more interest in produce from outside of the EU. Instead of the usual Seville orange, we could expect to see oranges from South Africa and perhaps new citrus fruits not native to our palettes – kumquats, calamondins, cedro anyone?

Restaurateurs will be looking, as they always do every year, for that differential, what sets them apart from their competitor across the road. From independents to big high street chains, this will be the norm in a bid to stay ahead of the competition. Pret A Manager for example are continuing to build on their sole Exmouth Market Veggie Pret, with the public crying out for more veggie and also vegan options on their favourite eatery menus – expect to see more Veggie Prets this year. The time has come to be bold and set sail for new shores.

With all this new experimentation how can we also capture the imaginations of our brightest stars, those who can make meal times both rewarding and also sane – the kids! Food trendists are speculating one of the new food trends to watch out for is coloured carbs, namely Pizza. Alternative flours made from beetroot to make pizzas purple or spinach to turn them a hulk green taste both ‘delicious’ and satisfy even the most discerning healthy eaters and hungry kids – wait and see on this one I guess.

Whatever Brexit brings us, embrace the change and stand out from the crowd.