German Market - Sausages

German Markets

From Winter Wonderland in London to local towns, you’ll find a bit of German tradition at every Christmas market. But why has it become so popular to relish in German beer and pretzels at Christmas?

Christmas markets date back to the Middle Ages when German-speaking European countries began the tradition of holding festive markets. Over the centuries it made its way over to the UK and became such a tradition that the markets just get bigger and better every year with counties trying their best to be number one!


The picturesque markets of wooden toys, handmade gifts and the smell of warm pretzels cooking could get anyone into the Christmas spirit. There seems to be no better place to enjoy a mulled wine, listening to the sound of choir in the cold surrounded by people fully immersing themselves in Christmas joy.

From giant pretzels, Lebkuchen biscuits, Stollen cake, Bratwurst and Beer, there’s no way you’ll be going to a Christmas market without indulging on the real taste of Germany. So this weekend, why not take a trip to visit one of the great festivities that only comes this time of year!


Birmingham holds the most traditional and largest German Market. Collaborating with Frankfurt; this market is on until December 29th.

This is just a handful of markets going on this Christmas season:
Belfast – until Dec 22nd
Edinburgh – until Jan 8th
Bath – until Dec 11th
Winter Wonderland London – until Jan 2nd
Cardiff – until Dec 23rd
Manchester – until Dec 20th