Gin made from ants… has the gin market gone mad?

As a gin lover I have tried my fair share, but the gin market seems to be pushing the boundaries lately with the new flavour combinations it’s introducing! Not only are distilleries trying new botanical combinations to invent their own distinct flavours, but some distilleries are also introducing flavours you wouldn’t expect to find bottled up and ready to mix with your favourite tonic.

From salted caramel to seaweed and everything in-between – there must be a gin flavour combination for all occasions and palates. There is even gin made from ants, according to the tasting notes these little critters add a citrus flavour. Not your cuppa? Then why not try the tea inspired gins, earl grey or Yorkshire tea what’s your preference?

Maybe you fancy something a little sweeter? Well you’re in luck! We have Turkish delight, cacao, parma violet, lemon drizzle, Bakewell tart and even grapefruit & coconut – this is just a sample of the ever-growing list! More natural flavours I hear you ask? Well take your pick from lavender, nettle, raspberry, gooseberry, saffron, quince, olive, pomegranate & rose, truffle or rhubarb & ginger… We have come a long way from sloe gin!

That’s the beauty of gin and why it’s such a growing popular trend again this year! It’s such a versatile drink that can be added to cocktails, tonics or even just over ice on its own.
Good news, I think we are in for another gin filled summer!

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Image source: Good Housekeeping