Green and Blacks unveils a brand new range the first in 26 years!

The new ‘Velvet Edition’ has been created to attract a more contemporary audience through a new look and a chocolate that is milder in flavour for a finer, smoother dark chocolate experience.

The approach to the new line sees their first range that is not organic but the brand’s promise of the finest ingredients and ethical sourcing will keep this brand true to their values. The milder flavours of their chocolate means they have sourced an ethically sourced cocoa to create their exquisitely crafted chocolate. It will be the first new Mondelez range to fall under the Cocoa Life sustainability initiative in which;

“Cocoa Life will invest $400 million by 2022 to empower 200,000 cocoa farmers and reach one million community members in six key cocoa growing regions.” –

The packaging takes a fresh approach to its usual traditional style. Designed by Bulletproof at its New York base;

“The new look aims to represent a mix of “nature and indulgence”, which the brand’s name is meant to signify.” –

It’s sensational mix of hues and finished with the “G&B seal” sees this product moving with current trends but staying true to their heritage.

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Image source – Design week