Hello Customer

It’s approaching Spring 2018. And it’s an interesting time for food brands on the high street. Challenging to say the least. Many of the big brand fast casual and casual dining chains are really feeling the squeeze in consumer spend, plus intensity in competition from smaller players and newcomers, bringing exciting new choices for us to try.

Eat With Your Eyes always keep a close eye on the way these brands engage with consumers on an ongoing and seasonal basis, and keep a dialogue going. It’s fascinating to see how different brand chains do this, and how they look to differentiate themselves and reinforce why we should try them, stay loyal to them.

One of the most interesting customer engagement touchpoints is the A-board outside, and other entrance marketing communication. So what are these brands doing right now, in this most challenging of times, to compete and win our business?

Here’s just a small snapshot of what we’ve seen out and about over the last week on our travels. Day part is obviously key – appealing to customer need at that time. Shouting about new product too – a real point of differentiation.

Keeping it simple – as you only have a few seconds to get your message across. Letting great real food photography do the work. And of course a really keen and appealing entry level price point.
But to be honest – for most of the below, not a lot else that really captures the imagination, stands out or is particularly memorable. Could some of these brands work harder to sell their offer and compete more effectively?

At Eat With Your Eyes our team specialise in food and drink brand marketing, and we love these customer interaction challenges.
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