International women’s day – a brief round up

March the 8th was International women’s day and many brands went all out to shout about it. Here’s a very brief round-up of the food and drink sectors efforts this year.

BrewDog Pink Punks!
With more and more about the Gender Pay Gap in the news; Brewdog launched their ‘Pink IPA’ marketed as ‘Beer for Girls’ for International women’s day.

For 4 weeks Pink IPA is available from the Brewdog website and in their bars, at a 20% discount for anybody that identifies themselves as female. Men? You pay full price, the reality is that harsh.

Johnnie Walker
In the US Johnnie Walker launched a limited edition run of ‘Jane Walker’. Donating a percentage of each sale towards organisations supporting women’s causes.

Although some brands came under fire as ‘hollow gestures’ and received a backlash across social media

McDonald’s Flippin Arches
In celebration of women everywhere, and for the first time in their brand history, McDonald’s flipped their iconic arches. Publicised at select outlets and across digital and social media platforms it was also supported by a short video honouring women who have played a part in their brand history

Claudia Sanders
KFC after recently dodging their ‘lac of chicken’ fiasco recently gave the Colonel the elbow and replaced him with ‘Claudia Sanders’. Introduced by KFC Malaysia Claudia is the Colonel’s wife.

Image Source: BrewDog, KFC, McDonald’s & Johnnie Walker