Kitchen ghosts

I recently came across this amazing food photography project by Russian photographer Daria Khoroshavina. Entitled ‘Kitchen Ghosts’, Daria photographs her friend Olya preparing mouth-watering meals. These photographs are not just still images but Cinemagraphs – still photographs, in the form of an animated gif, where a minor repeated movement occurs. This process really brings the cooking process, and the delicious looking food to life.

CinemaGraph2-700px CinemaGraph3-700px CinemaGraph7-700px CinemaGraph4-700px CinemaGraph5-700px

The project is part of an on going series and is made up of four groups of cinemagraphs including pear and walnut strudel, pasta with chicken and honey sauce, vegan borscht with lentils and a collection of breakfast shots – all beautifully animated.

Look out for this photography trend in 2015 it could be the next big thing.