New food trends 2016

So what’s to look forward to in our industry of gluttony?
Here’s a round up of the best and more ‘creative’ ideas to hit our shores next year;


1. Deliveries – Technological advancements in online payment systems and infrastructure has meant it’s now easier than ever to order a takeaway online, on the go via your smartphone or at home. On a tablet or desktop New apps are popping up all the time to make this convenience part of our everyday lives. And with the first successful drone delivery from a UK Indian restaurant this year, is this a start of things to come? Albeit to his Grandma’s house ( Watch out for Amazon’s US partnership with fresh grocery provider Uber.


2. GM – Genetically modified foods has long been a gripe with the British public, with many restaurants declaring their menus GM-free. But it appears in this country that our minds has already been made up…but what of the larger countries with greater populations such as China, India and the US? The US have long been a producer of GM crops since 1996. Perhaps it’s only an amount of time rather than a question of will.


3. Sriracha Chili – Chili’s are a well known ingredient in many countries, but the sudden spike in Sriracha Chili in menus has seen a rise in consumer interest in other lesser known chilli such as the Ghost Pepper from India, Sambal from Southeast Asia and Dukka from North Africa. Time to spice up your menu?


4. African Food – Finally going mainstream. BBC news have called it “the next gastronomic trend.” Get ready for heavy meat portions, yams instead of potatoes jollof rice dishes and cricket milkshakes?


5. Vaporized Cocktails – Made famous by Bompas & Parr ( this year. Is this another conceptual bar ready to hit the high streets in every major city and town? It might take a while, but there’s good bets it might just take off! Check out the rest of their websites, it’s like living in Willy Wonka’s world!

Bring on 2016 but leave the crickets behind…please.