Our/London Vodka


Our/London Vodka have just made there very first batch of Our/London Vodka and will be officially launching on 25 November 2015… so keep an eye out for the simple but effective packaging, it could be worth a try.

What is it?

Our/Vodka is a global vodka, owned by Pernod Ricard Company and found in ten cities worldwide. The recipe stays the same, but locally sourced ingredients ensure that each city’s drink is a collaborative product; interwoven with local characteristics and partnerships. The good news is that it’s finally here in the UK, after finding success in cities including Berlin, Detroit, Seattle and Amsterdam.

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So how does it work?

Our/Vodka believe in local power and supporting the neighbourhood. They partner up with local people who love their city, and have their own take on Our/Vodka to give it the city’s personality and expression. The vodka is partly distilled, blended and hand bottled in urban micro-distilleries that are built in each city. It is always made with the same ingredients but sourced as locally as possible using a global recipe. Our/Vodka always looks the same but each city gives its name and character to the vodka. For example Our/London is produced using wheat-based ethanol, but in LA they use grape-based ethanol.


Our/London launches on November 25th, and the distillery will be open from November 30th. It’s a production house as well as an event and music space, from which there will be tastings and other events. They will be looking to grow the brand and seek out partner stores, shops, bars and restaurants to work with.

Ref: ourvodka.com/ourlondon