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Pizza you can walk with!

A newly opened pizza bar has hit Northampton’s high street. Taking inspiration from Brooklyn’s finest pizzerias ‘Brooklyn Pizza Bar’ has created a pizza menu inspired by flavour combinations tried on their travels around NYC. All of their pizzas are freshly made to order and only contain the best ingredients and even their dough is made fresh daily.

In the upcoming world of change within restaurants; alongside their regular menu they also offer Vegan and gluten free alternatives, they freshly prepare gluten free dough, all they ask is 24 hours notice.

A new trend has been hitting the pizza market in the UK and ‘Brooklyn Pizza Bar’ have jumped on board to offer us the lunch of our dreams, pizza by the slice; for that true NYC experience! I’ve been to New York myself and this is a regular trend that I took full advantage of whilst I was there. I’m pleased it’s finally coming to the UK and I would highly recommend heading to Northampton to grab your slice of the action.

We are a nation of pizza lovers, so why not get yourself down to ‘Brooklyn Pizza Bar’, I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love because who doesn’t like pizza?!