Predicted top food trends of 2020

Last decade saw plenty of new food terms enter our vocabulary
– from the cronut to courgetti.

But with a new year and new decade to look forward to,
there’s a whole bunch of new things to try.


Souffle pancakes

A Japanese invention, the fluffy pancakes were first mentioned in a Yelp review in the US last September. Reviews for dishes like souffle pancakes have increased by 156.2% in the last year.



Non-alcoholic spirits are rising in popularity and more and more bars are offering delicious but zero-alcohol drinks, we should expect more non-alcoholic bars and even happy hours in the coming year.


Floral-infused drinks and dishes

Chrysanthemum and Butterfly Pea Tea are some of the extracts appearing in drinks and dishes, They found that these floral-infused food and drinks were popular in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Waco, in Texas.


Nashville hot chicken

A speciality in (you’ve guessed it) Nashville, this is fried with a spicy coating and it’s started to appear outside the place where it was created, mentions of Nashville Hot Chicken popped up everywhere from Louisville, Kentucky to Birmingham, Alabama.



This purple vegetable from the Philippines is the ‘new matcha’. It can be used in everything from ice cream to doughnuts.


Creating healthier comfort food

The trend of swapping carb-heavy components for vegetables is set to continue. Yelp predicts 2020 to be the year of the Cauliflower and say people are increasingly searching for things like cauliflower steak, cauliflower mashed potatoes and cauliflower pizza.


Korean cuisine

Korean food has already grown in popularity, but it’s going to keep getting bigger in the next year.


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