Food Branding - Polo New Logo Design

Refreshing new look

Polo ‘The Mint with the Hole’ has recently re-branded its logo and packaging, creating a simple and contemporary look that will help this popular mint stand out on the shelf.

The new design has seen the logo change to all white with a green drop shadow sitting on a navy background, with crisp lines and a 3D feel, reminiscent of the mint itself. This new design has been based on the typeface used by the original Polo brand in the 1940’s.
New Old Polo Logo
The previous logo and packaging had a softer feel with rounded corners on the lettering and a dark drop shadow. This made the white and coloured lettering look darker rather than the nice bright white that it is now.

The packaging allows for a consistent look across all flavours by simply changing the coloured end panels and will allow new flavours to be added easily.

I really like the new look and feel. This simple and contemporary approach seems to be the way other brands packaging is being re-designed, making already popular brands easily recognisable and distinctive. Coca Cola, Irn Bru and Cathedral city all recently opting for a similarly fresh and clean new look.

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