Restaurant Branding

Every day we work with brands to re-position existing concepts or build new ones from scratch. We partner well known high street restaurants, grab and go concepts, pub chains and start-ups. We build unique restaurant personalities through naming, logo design, tone of voice, all styling and photography, menus, digital and social – the works.


Branding is the process of creating a unique, authentic identity for your restaurant. First, our industry experts work to understand your brand proposition – what sets you apart, your company personality and your unique values. Market research is used to understand your target customers – what makes them tick, and what they’re looking for in a restaurant like yours.

Successful branding translates all of that into brand guidelines and visual design, ensuring your values are communicated by everything from your logo and signage to the atmosphere in your restaurant or how you portray yourself on social channels.

At Eat With Your Eyes, we have completed successful restaurant branding projects for clients large and small, including branding projects for completely new restaurants and re-brands that energise an existing restaurant business.

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“Having a clear brand proposition has given everybody something to get behind, know what we are aiming to be and how we want the customer to feel. It has also given both myself and the Board the confidence to take this one-off concept to other landlords outside of the airport in the vein of getting more locations for this brand. As we know what the brand is and where it sits in the marketplace, we can confidently sell it in”.

Lisa Johnson

Head of Marketing, Concessions and New Concepts Division – Casual Dining Group

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