Running for my Food

Recently in the news there has been a lot of talk around putting more information onto our food packaging. If you could see just how long it would take you to run, walk or swim off your favourite food would you reconsider eating it? Experts say showing images depicting exactly how much exercise it will take to burn off your food can give us a better understanding of the importance of a healthier lifestyle.

In a poll of more than 2,000 people, recently done by the RSPH, 60% would back the change to food labels and thought it would make them do more exercise, eat less or even choose a healthier option. (

The poll done by the RSPH also showed that people were 4 X more likely to exercise after viewing “activity equivalent” calorie labels rather than the current “traffic light” labels alone. Showing someone exactly how long it would take them to exercise and burn off that chocolate bar makes it more relatable to their everyday lives in comparison to the current traffic light system.


So how long would it take you to burn off your favourite food?

330ml can of sugary soft drink: 13 minutes
Standard chocolate bar: 22 minutes
Apple: 5 minutes
Chicken and bacon sandwich: 42 minutes
1/2 large pizza: 1 hour 26 minutes
Medium mocha coffee: 28 minutes
Packet of crisps: 16 minutes
Banana: 8 minutes
50g bag of dry roasted peanuts: 28 minutes
Bowl of cereal: 16 minutes
Blueberry muffin: 25 minutes
Orange: 4 minutes
Big Mac, chips & milkshake: 2 hours 15 min