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Spin Cycle Steak

I had heard of a trend for people cooking food in their dishwashers but this concept from Tel Aviv student Iftach Gazit takes things to a different level. These neatly designed food bags can be added to a laundry cycle to cook your dinner while your whites get whiter.

Iftach designed these bags, as part of his Industrial Design course, at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. The bags contain fully packaged meals and uses the ‘sous-vide’ method of cooking. This involves adding food to vacuum-sealed bags and immersing them in a hot water bath for several hours. Iftach’s idea dispenses with the water bath; if you want to cook a piece of meat, you just set your washing to a ‘synthetics’ mode.

Want to cook some new potatoes and green beans? No problem, just set your washing machine to ‘cotton‘ on a short programme.

In a nice design touch, Iftach has set out the nutritional information on a clothing tag with recommended washing machine temperatures. One of Iftach’s original intentions for the design came about after reading about 24/7 launderettes being used as shelters by homeless people.

Image Source: Dezeen