Spitalfields old market sign


We found ourselves in a delightful undercover market, brimming with the enticing aromas and flavours from across the globe. We picked some of the Tasty 100 brands highlighted in our recently published zine, to put together our perfect foodie day.

Our first stop in the market square was Chai Guys, and we eagerly anticipated tasting their authentic delights after our journey. The vegan masala did not disappoint; it offered a comforting warmth with delightful hints of clove, evoking memories of Christmas. Next up was Grind, where the vibrant pink van provided an ideal backdrop for capturing product selfies.

chai guys and grind stands

During lunchtime, we split up to explore multiple brand offerings. Luke opted for a Smokoloco experience, drawn in by the tantalising aroma of slow-cooked smoked meats that attracted quite a crowd. The well-designed van was a sight to behold from every angle.

Meanwhile, Honi Poke offered a fresh lunch alternative slightly tucked away outside the market. As avid food enthusiasts, we opted to create our own bowls, allowing us to tailor our flavour combinations to our liking.

Honi Poke and Smokoloco

Afterward, we ventured to Ebby’s, a Turkish kitchen, where samples of their cuisine were available at their stall, effectively enticing people to buy from them. Jackie savoured their falafel/halloumi wrap, thoroughly enjoying it. The staff at the stall were accommodating, allowing us to film and even permitting Luke to capture some close-up shots of the food within their stall.

We also had our eye on some venues outside of the Tasty selection. Crosstown Doughnuts appeared enticing on the counter, while Grime Burger grabbed our attention with the energetic and enthusiastic chefs working on the truck.

market square and ebbs wrap

After indulging and feeling quite satisfied, we made our way to Players Social with the intention of trying our hand at a game of shuffleboard. Despite its deceptively simple appearance, the game proved to be quite challenging, yet enjoyable for everyone involved. While there, we had the pleasure of meeting the friendly marketing manager, who shared insights about Players and their partner restaurant next door, Alfi. It’s a spot we’re planning to visit soon. Next we visited Humble Crumble, the shop smelt amazing and the dessert did not fail to disappoint.

shuffleboard at Players

At Kill the Cat, we encountered a wonderfully knowledgeable staff member who made us feel right at home. Their shelves boasted a fantastic selection of brands, some of which might raise an eyebrow, but collectively, they created a visually appealing mix.

Jenkis was fantastic; their matcha was of top-notch quality, and it was evident that the staff took great care in crafting each cup. As we watched the whisking process, and took in all of the flavour combinations, it felt like a whole experience delving into the world of matcha.

Kill the cat and Jenkis

As we ventured back home that evening, we felt success in our endeavour to plan out the perfect foodie map. Places like Spitalfields market is a great way to get together as a group, or even on a solo date day, to push your tastebuds and really envelope yourself in the diversity that cities like London have to offer. 

See a video of our day over on our Instagram page here.

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