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In my two-week Thailand trip, I immersed myself in a world of flavours, and loved every single minute of it. My starting point in Central Bangkok kicked off the culinary adventure with spicy scents and bustling vibes of the street food markets. My favourite delights were the huge array of gyozas, and meat skewers which were so mouthwateringly good, I’d want to go back for more and more.

Chinatown was the foodie hub, with such a fantastic energy and a range of food to satisfy any cravings. Amidst the flavourful chaos, I tasted curries of all kinds – Massaman, Red Thai Curry, Green Thai Curry – all so delicious. A favourite back at home, I of course had to go for a Pad Thai too, but to try out this dish in it’s tropical origin was a new experience, and took my home fave to a whole new level.

Thai Street Food

The variety of food stalls blew me away—from tasty grilled squid to bolder choices like fried crickets. Determined to be as adventurous as I could, I did try a fried grub and believe it or not, it tasted like a Wotsit…a pleasant surprise!

Further up north, I found Pai, a peaceful gem surrounded by Northern Thailand’s stunning scenery. As evening arrived, the town transformed into a foodie heaven, bustling with its vibrant evening street market.

Thai Street Food

In the midst of all the tempting options, Khao Soi stole the show for me, which I then found out was a cherished Northern Thai specialty. The dish involves egg noodles swirled in a flavourful curry broth, topped with crispy fried noodles. It felt like I was really tasting true Thai heritage with every spoonful.

Although I mostly indulged in savoury dishes, I didn’t forget my love for sweet treats! Again, a little slice of home-comforts but with a Thai twist, the waffles and Nutella rotis were the perfect way to end the evenings, as well as the most refreshing fruit smoothies.

Thai Street Food

During my food adventure, I realised Thailand’s street food scene is more than just about the food—it’s a celebration of diversity and togetherness. My new friends and I found a ‘floating market’ with stalls of fresh fruit, veg and street food lining a pier, with boats at the end where food is served and enjoyed. Much like many of the markets I visited, it was such a social atmosphere, with seating dotted around, and such cheap prices that it was always bustling – a great place to converse, eat, drink and enjoy the night!

Thai Street Food

During my moped excursions around the country, I visited a coffee farm in the North, which was breathtaking. We learnt about the Karen tribe and Thailand’s coffee farming trade, and I even bought some coffee home with me after tasting it (just need to buy a cafetière now to enjoy it!)

Talking of drinks, I also discovered Thai Milk Tea – super sweet and creamy and wow, did I drink a lot of it! Along with the Thai Milk tea, I found myself indulging in Mango Sticky Rice any time I could get my hands on it…so moreish!

And then, I had to fly home…

Whether it’s Bangkok’s lively Chinatown or the charming markets of Pai, Thailand’s street food takes you on an unforgettable journey that you simply can’t replicate anywhere else. I think it’s time for me to book a flight back…

Peace out and Kap Kun Kap (thank you) for reading, Luke.

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