The Edible Exhibition

Last month the V&A’s Museum of Childhood created a special food workshop aimed at children, called ‘The Edible Exhibition’

Kids were invited to invent their own dream meals, the best ideas of which were brought to life in a multi-sensory exhibition by food experimentalists Bompass & Parr (the curators of spectacular culinary events).

The studio helped bring a ‘parsnip tornado’, glow-in-the-dark carrot ice cream and cucumber-flavoured bubbles to name just a few. With the help of Ad agency AMV BBDO and illustrator Rob Flowers they were also able to make all of the tickets and exhibition posters edible using flavoured inks on ‘vegetable oil’ paper.

Each of the posters were there to promote healthy eating or a certain vegetable or fruit to the children and each had a flavour to match its artwork.

“The great thing about the Museum of Childhood is that their core idea is capturing children’s imagination, and thinking ‘how can we put on events that inspire children to look at the world differently?’” said AMV BBDO Creative Director Neil Clarke. “For us it’s great because it’s about engaging with children and parents and working with really interesting designers and illustrators to bring that level of craft and detail [to each project]. It’s a dream brief…. Everyone who worked on it from the account handlers to the creative team just fell back in love with being a kid again.”




V&A Museum of Childhood

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