Waitrose Free From re-brand

Waitrose has recently re-branded their free from range with an aim to target those with a wider health seeking audience. The redesign has been launched to show the product as a ‘great tasting lifestyle choice’ with ranges including foods that are gluten, dairy, soya and nut free.

After being confined to ‘health food’ stores for years, the ‘free from’ market is worth over £800 million with the sector expected to grow by a further 50% by 2021. It is claimed that 45% of the UK population now say that they buy free from foods more than once a month. With figures like these, its not surprising Waitrose wants to make their current free from range more attractive and stylish to the health conscious.

Where possible, the packaging has a fresh but simplistic images of the product that is as appealing as other ‘all inclusive’ counterpart foods. Previously the brand had spent more time concentrating on ‘free from’ rather than making the products enticing to the customer. In the new design they have used white sans-serif typography, such as Gill Sans, that is crisp and clear. Food photography, when used, is eye-catching – leaving the customer feeling that it really is ‘Full of Taste’. The new design, incorporating a colour pallet of taupe, grey and ivory is minimal and refined. One key feature on all of the packaging is the use of two curved brackets that hug the food photography. These parentheses symbols have been adapted to make up the two ff’s of the free from brand.

Images from: www.worldpackagingdesign.com