We’re part of Bedford’s beer revolution

2019 will be the year of the beer.

The world of modern beer is thriving and our agency’s home town of Bedford, in particular, is getting a major beer boost.

A new, local and independent beer shop and tasting room – opening for beersness Summer ’18.
Stocking a large range of local, national and imported modern beers, ciders and ‘ales of the unexpected!’ Drink while you shop. Fill-up a flagon with fresh draught beer to takeaway – plus gifts, merch, brew-kits and beer snacks.

Charles Wells, local family brewers to open new brewery and visitor centre Summer ’19.
After sale of their Queen’s Park brewery, they will be focussing on a smaller artisanal operation to feed modern customers at their 200+ pubs with modern beer.
Findings will be filtered through the Wandering Brewer Project the find a flagship beer to open the new brewery with.


We’re proud to be involved in the creative development of both of these local projects and look forward to having a cold one to celebrate the success of both.

Wandering Brewer Project
Charles Wells