Blending lifestyle with super nutrition


Our creative
Lifestyle photography / Product illustration / Animation

Developed by nutritionists and designed for modern living, everything at PACK’D,
from smoothies kits to premium organic fruit is simple, healthy and naturally delicious.

We helped the team create a fresh library of energetic, colourful brand photography,
putting products at the centre of daily events and occasions. This helps the on-line
customer understand the genuine quality of the product and evokes the lifestyle
enhancing essence of the brand.

Adding dynamism to the smoothie range, we created simple ‘whizz’ animations, to
help the on-line customer see all the base fresh fruit and vegetable ingredients
transition into delicious, ready to enjoy blended smoothies.

We have also created front and back pack illustrations to show the range of packaged
product at its very best.

Paul Pisani, Account Director / Chloe George, Account Manager / Scott Lockhart,
Lead creative / Luke Page, Motion Designer

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