A master team of Chefs, Wine Experts, Marketers, Designers and Strategists

Hospitality / Food Service

Our creative:
Brand strategy / Visual identity / Logo design / Bespoke illustration / Brand standard

Company of Cooks are in every detail of a restaurant, café, bar or event at some of the UK’s most prestigious venues. Beautiful inspiring landmarks that are beacons of British culture. Our new brand positioning and creative standards had to evoke a contemporary business with an underlying appreciation of excellence, a company that ‘Handpick every moment’.

We helped to articulate the three core values of Craft, Creativity and Community through the use of illustrations, photography and all other visual cues. The logo typography reflects a considered mix of modern and occasional classical characters. A unique stencil serif headline font also mirrors this juxtaposition of contemporary/heritage. We created bespoke artisanal sketches to emphasise attention to detail and a unique personal touch to all aspects of service.

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